OTP Manager

Establish your objectives against pre-set criteria e.g., Improve Legal Compliance, Promoting Risk based Thinking, Enhancing Health and Safety
Define action plans to meet these objectives and allocate responsible head of departments,
Define the recourses required within ISOMS,
Real time email notifications on program actions to the respective head of department as well as executer.

Program progress reports generated with one click,
Real time objective and programs progress dashboard.
Manage KPI’s on respective levels, including project management, production, task specific and Job Specific (Personal KPI).

The Objective / Target / Program process:

1: Set Objective

Determine an overarching, high-level objective, for example, you can set a goal of achieving $500k sales for a quarter.

2: Set Targets

Break down your objective into smaller segments, which can be per department or per week, or any other segment you require.

3: Set Programs

Break down individual targets into individual blocks of work with specific measurement metrics. For example, x amount of units sold or a particular weight of loads delivered. You create your own metrics.

Use OTP Manager to track your organization’s progress:

Know when you're behind

The system will automatically escalate an issue when a program is behind schedule, ensuring everyone keeps on task.

Super Detailed Reports

Take a high level overview of how your organization is performing, or go into granular detail right down to individual actors.

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